Display Advertising

Drive performance on multiple channels: mobile, offline, app, connected TV, etc.
Dochase integrates technology, analytics, data and creativity to enable you diversify your customer reach effectively and efficiently.

Display Banner

Accelerate growth with advertising on websites, apps, offline, mobile and rich media. Promote your brand, products, and services on over 2 million websites and several apps with display banner ads.

Attract the audience of a website, social media platform or other digital mediums to take a specific action. These are often made up of text-based, image or video advertisements that encourage the user to click-through to a landing page and take action (e.g. make a purchase).

Native Advertising

Using story-telling approach, Dochase captures the attention of your potential and existing customers and also get them to take action. Get 3x better results than display ads.
We use programmatic ad technology to distribute the stories across various sites and apps where your target audience are.

Native Ads

With native ads, you can run ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.
Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don't really look like ads.


Our Direct-to-Mobile advertising enables you to buy, manage, and place ads directly on mobile phone; we have access to 85% of android phones in Africa.

Adverts formats includes display banner, video ads or interstitial ads.

In-App Ads

In-App ads offer dynamic and flexible user experience, with animations and interactive effects.
Mobile in-app advertising includes ad types like mobile interstitial ads, native, mobile ad banners, and other display formats.

Interstitial Mobile Ads

Interstitial ads are full-screen banners that appear when you are using apps or mobile web. They guarantee active action from the audience.

They are memorable, generate high impressions and achieve high conversions.

Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile banner ads are the static ad units which are displayed at the top or at the bottom of the screen (standard banners). In-app banner advertising usually includes full-screen banners that cover the whole screen of mobile devices.

They are affordable, easy to launch, cost-effective and universally supported.


Get calls from users once they click your ads. Use this to generate leads, campaign message and call immediately.


Get customers to chat with you with our Click-To-WhatsApp. When people click your ads, they get to you on WhatsApp.
It promotes faster reach and connection with your audience who are WhatsApp.

We can also build WhatsApp solutions that combine bots and technology to deliver leads and customer service using Bots and WhatsApp platform.


Initiate USSD actions from mobile app and web. When user clicks the ads, they initiate a USSD session on your platform.
This generates activities and user engagements.

Interactive Voice Response

These are calls with automated recorded brand/campaign messages. These can be separated into Inbound or Outbound


The customer calls the designated phone number/short code and hears the campaign message toll free and after the message is heard, the call terminates with an accompanying SMS with a call to action included be it a link, promo code, etc.


The customer receives what's more like a robo-call in which a pre recorded messages are played after which the call terminates and with an accompanying SMS.

These can be used for lead generation, sign ups and top of mind brand awareness.

SMS Tagging

With SMS tagging, brands can reach potential clients via transactional messages, in sales, app downloads and lots more.

Dochase SMS Tagging

We plug into the CRM provided by you. We might as well profile the CRM to suit our database, leveraging on parameters such as income level, age, gender, location, device and more. This will enable us to reach offline audience.