Full Stack Digital Platform

Deploy, measure and optimize Digital advertising campaigns across thousands of websites, apps, mobile and social media. 3Bn internet Users,2M apps and websites

Create awareness, drive app installations on direct mobile phones in Africa, and acquire customers at scale.


Programmatic DSP

Deliver digital advertising campaigns to the right audience on the right devices, places, time and price. Leverage our wide reach and superior targeting and data for media buying. Deploy with:

  • Banner Ads,
  • Native Ads,
  • Rich Media Creatives,
  • Mobile Phones
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Rich Media Creatives

Deliver better customer engagements with our Rich Media suite. Highly interactive banners that deliver better user action on web.



Connect with customers with chatbots on WhatsApp and web. Drive sales, Retail, FinTech, Ecommerce and customer service with AI chatbots


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Build your business while we power media buying. Plan, manage and deploy effective digital campaigns for multiple clients with Dochase DSP, manage client accounts, generate report and maintain service terms.